Coldstream Guards



The purpose is to provide assistance to Coldstreamers, both serving and retired; their wives, widows and dependants.

Speed of Response

Assistance can be given rapidly if the need is urgent.

Range of Assistance

Examples to illustrate the range of assistance are given below:

Serving Coldstreamers. Payments may be made to help cover:
  • Travel and accommodation costs for next of kin, parents or dependants in case of injury on duty (when Public Funds do not provide cover).
  • Welfare facilities for the 1st Battalion and Number 7 Company.
  • Adventure training grants.
  • Sports and sports facilities.

Retired Coldstreamers

‘Retired’ does not mean aged 65 or over! It includes all former Coldstreamers and their spouses, families and dependants. Nearly half the requests for assistance are from people under 40 years old; 25% of requests are from those who are within two years of leaving the Regiment. Assistance may be made to help cover:
  • Disablement/injury facilities and related costs (whether Service injuries or as the result of civilian accidents).
  • Provisions of power wheelchairs and other disability aids.
  • Housing costs, (furnishings).
  • Certain educational needs.
  • Part payments with other charitable grants or large requests.
  • Christmas payments to Chelsea Pensioners and Older Coldstreamers in care/ hospital.
  • General assistance: smaller sums paid in general assistance amount to over half of the Funds paid out.

For any welfare issues please contact the Welfare Clerk at