Coldstream Guards

Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)


1. The Coldstream Guards Charity was registered with the Charity Commission as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) on 2 June 2021 with Charity Number 1194650.

2. The assets of The Coldstream Guards Charity are the responsibility of the Regimental Trustees. Day to day welfare matters are managed through the Assistant Regimental Adjutant. She can be contacted by email: 


3. The objectives of The Coldstream Guards Charity are set out in its Constitution. They include the provision of assistance and relief to Coldstreamers past and present, their spouses, widows, children and dependants in need.

4. The Coldstream Guards Charity has limited resources and it is the duty of the Trustees to ensure that these are appropriately used to fulfil its objectives in the most effective and efficient manner over time.


5. Past and present members of the Coldstream Guards who have completed initial training, and their dependants, may apply for assistance.


6. The following considerations will be taken into account, together with other information that may be provided by the applicant, when deciding on whether support is appropriate, and in what amount:

a. Number of years of service

b. Number of years since leaving the Colours

c. Service conduct

d. Association membership

e. Contributions to the One Days Pay Scheme

f. Current financial situation


7. The normal method of notifying the Regimental Trustees of a case will be through The Royal British Legion (RBL) or Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association Forces Help (SSAFA) trained caseworker. They will produce a report on current circumstances, including a financial statement. Information received from other sources should normally be passed to SSAFA/RBL for investigation and consideration in their report.

8. In exceptional circumstances assistance may be given without a SSAFA/RBL report following a direct approach through the Assistant Regimental Adjutant. The Assistant Regimental Adjutant will welcome notification, whether directly or indirectly, of circumstances where support might be needed by eligible beneficiaries (although the Assistant Regimental Adjutant may refer the case to a SSAFA/RBL caseworker so that a financial report of income can be prepared and loaded onto the Casework Management System).

9. Officer welfare cases should be referred to the Regimental Adjutant for screening and recommendation. Please use the same email address as the Assistant Regimental Adjutant above.


10. In common with other Service charities, The Coldstream Guards Charity will not normally assist with the following:

a. Repayment of loans.

b. Legal expenses (including bankruptcy applications).

c. Private medical/dental care.

d. Funeral expenses/headstones.

e. Debts.

f. Payment of court fines or other sentences imposed by a court of law.

g. Costs of moving wives/partners from service family accommodation.

h. School fees.

11. Notwithstanding the above, all applications for welfare assistance and benevolence are considered and help given, if appropriate, according to needs and circumstances.