Coldstream Guards

Nulli Secundus Club

The Nulli Secundus Club is the past and present officers’ dining club for the Coldstream Guards. It was founded in 1783 as an elective dining club, open to officers of the regiment who had completed some years Army service with the Coldstream. There are about 550 members today who pay a small annual subscription, are eligible to be invited to the annual dinner, are sent information about the Regiment and receive invitations to attend regimental events.

There is a Committee, currently chaired by Brigadier Jonathan Bourne-May, who meet in January each year to review the wine fund, the accounts and set the date and location for the annual dinner. There is an Annual General Meeting, held in March each year in London, to which all members of the Club are invited. The Honorary Secretary is Colonel Simon Vandeleur, the Regimental Adjutant.