Coldstream Guards


What Coldstreamers can do to maintain the funds

 Sources of Income. Income is derived from:

  • Regimental One Day’s Pay scheme.
  • Retired Officers’ Subscriptions.
  • Investment Dividends.
  • Regimental Headquarters PRI Shop Sales including Christmas Cards.
  • Donations and Legacies.
  • Fund Raising Events. 

How You Can Help

Serving Coldstreamers. All those serving are asked to contribute to the One Day’s Pay Scheme. It is a voluntary opt-in scheme, with about a 90% take-up. But this is only possible by the hard-work of those in the Battalion chain of command, who make new colleagues aware of the benefits. Please check that you are a contributor.

Retired Coldstreamers. Retired Coldstreamers are encouraged to maintain contributions, and to review regularly the sums given, by one or more of the following means:

  • Payroll Charity
  • Donations These may confer tax advantages on the donor, and the Regiment can claim a % from HMT provided the donor is a taxpayer through Gift Aid.
  • Legacies "I bequeath to the Coldstream Guards Regimental Charitable. Funds the sum of £ absolutely."

What you need to do

Point of Contact. Whether requesting or offering financial assistance the point of contact is the Assistant Regimental Adjutant, whose duties include Welfare and the Regimental Association. Emailing or writing to her using her appointment helps save time if she is away. The address is:

The Assistant Regimental Adjutant, Regimental Headquarters Coldstream Guards, Wellington Barracks, Birdcage Walk, London, SW1E 6HQ. 

  • Email: 
  • Telephone: 020 7414 3235

Request for Help. When asking for financial help the more information you can give, the quicker the assessment can be done and assistance arranged.

What you'll need to supply

  • (Former) number, rank, name and dates of service of the Coldstreamer.
  • The nature of the problem for which assistance is sought.
  • What assistance is required.
  • What other help is being sought e.g. through SSAFA or another charity.
  • The outline of the financial state of the Coldstreamer and his family. A contact address and telephone number.

Assessment. As with all charities an assessment must be made so that the right help can be given. The procedure usually includes:

  • Acknowledgement and a request for information.
  • SSAFA Report. This will include a financial assessment, and a check on whether the correct pensions, DSS and other allowances are being claimed.
  • Consideration of the soldier’s Record of Service.
  • Discussion with two or more other Service charities for financial assistance with large and difficult cases; (The Soldiers’ Charity, Royal British Legion and Civilian Employment Charities).

Offers of Assistance to Regimental Funds. It is recommended that you telephone the Assistant Regimental Adjutant initially to discuss any offers of assistance. She can advise on schemes of wording, and can then send the relevant information or forms to you.

Continue the movement

The Future. We wish to ‘continue the movement’ by being able to support all Coldstreamers, serving and retired, and their families and dependants, as we have done in the past.

The prospect is that:

  • The calls for financial assistance have INCREASED as the Wartime and
  • National Service generations grow older, while . . .
  • The number of Serving Coldstreamers contributing to the Regimental One Day’s Pay Scheme has DECREASED through changes in establishment.

Therefore, to Continue the Movement, you are asked to review the amount that you currently give in order that we may continue to support all those in need.

  • Or participate in Regimental events.
  • Or use the PRI shop for your purchases.
  • Or organize a charitable event to raise money for Regimental funds (please seek guidance from the Regimental Adjutant before you do this (telephone 0207 414 3242).