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The Charitable Funds are grouped together by the Charity Commissioners as the ‘General Charities for the benefit of the Coldstream Guards Regiment’. They are accepted charities and recognised by the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales under the charity number 275062.

The Trustees comprise the Regimental Lieutenant Colonel, Brigadier Robin Sergeant, who is the ex-officio Managing Trustee. The Chairman of Trustees is a retired Coldstreamer, Captain Robin Fitzgeorge-Balfour. The other Trustees are: Lieutenant General Sir James Bucknall, Major Nicholas Parsons, Mr Anthony Bird and Major James Rous. Meetings are held in January and July each year. Minutes are taken by the Regimental Adjutant.

Day-to-Day Administration.
Routine administration of the Charitable Funds is carried out by the Assistant Regimental Adjutant and Regimental Headquarters.

The majority of the Regiment’s free capital is invested in two discretionary portfolios managed by Cazenove Capital Limited, Fund Managers. The investments are arranged to give an appropriate balance between income and capital growth. The Fund Manager reports to the Trustees at their meetings and keeps them informed of any changes.

Reporting Accountants.
The balance sheet and accounts are drawn up as at 30 September each year. The accounts are prepared and reviewed by Kreston Reeves Chartered Accountants. The annual accounts can be viewed on the Charity Commissioners website.


The charitable funds of the Coldstream Guards

The Regimental Lieutenant Colonel’s Fund.
The purpose of this Fund is to aid the military efficiency of the serving element of the Coldstream Guards when public funds are unavailable or limited in scope. It is registered as a Service Charity. It pays for some Regimental Headquarters expenses including the maintenance of the Regimental Property (a valuable collection of Colours, pictures, silver, china, medals and books); it deals with all receipts and expenditure not provided for by the other charitable funds or from the public purse.

The Regimental Charitable Fund.
The purpose of this Fund is to provide financial assistance to serving and retired Coldstream Warrant and Non- Commissioned Officers and Guardsmen, and their wives and dependants who are in need. This Fund has now included the following funds which have a common purpose:

  • The Consolidated War Fund (South African, 1914 and 1939 War Funds).
  • The Renny Fund.
  • The Captain Hargreaves Brown Fund. 
  • The Hoare Fund. 
  • The Loyd Fund. 
  • The Ronald Campbell Scholarship. 
  • The Paget Fund. 
  • The CSO Monck Fund. 
  • The General Sir George Bowles Fund.

The Coldstream Guards No 2 Charitable Fund.
Known in the Regiment as the Burns Fund (originally the Lewey Fund), the purpose is to provide financial assistance to all ranks, (including officers) whether serving or retired, their wives and dependants. This is a registered charity number 275062.

The Coldstream Guards Association.
The Association acts to ensure that Regimental Headquarters is aware of any case deserving assistance from Regimental Funds, and to provide assistance to all Past and Present Warrant and Non-Commissioned Officers, Guardsmen and their dependants. This is a registered charity number 260338.